Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

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Interactive terminals in the Zaryadye park

manufactured by Initium terminals operate in any weather, help visitors find their way on the ground and sell tickets for attractions

On Moscow City Day, the Zaryadye park was opened in the center of the capital. This is a recreation area of ​​130 thousand square meters. m., built on the site where the hotel "Russia" was previously located.

At the opening of the Zaryadye park, unique interactive terminals from Russian developers began to work. The information kiosks manufactured by Initium are universal: they combine navigation, information and payment functions for park visitors in one device.

In total, the park has 14 interactive terminals: two-way all-weather kiosks and indoor terminals.

  • Москва
  •  2017
  •  Департамент культуры города Москвы

In any weather

Digital kiosks of the Zaryadye park are unique. They are specially designed to work in rain, snow, hail and summer heat. Street anti-vandal performance: thickened tempered shock-resistant glass, hardening of the case with moisture-proof materials. A unique climate system is installed inside the park's terminals: weather sensors integrated with air conditioning. Devices in automatic mode regulate the temperature inside the case depending on the environment. If there is a risk of condensation in hot weather, the air conditioners switch to a special mode, protecting the electronic components.

Saw, Found and Paid

Interactive terminals "Zaryadye" are universal, their uniqueness in combining navigation and information functionality with the ability to instantly pay for services provided by the park. The terminals support bank cards and contactless payment. It is proposed to add support for the Troika transport card over time.

Superbright touch screens

Interaction of park visitors with digital kiosks is carried out using multi-touch sensor technology. Screens are professional super-bright displays from LG Electronics with a brightness index of 2500 cd / m2 and a diagonal of 55 inches. They are integrated with light sensors and automatically adjust the brightness depending on the time of day.

Visitor Information Center

Touch kiosks provide visitors with access to all information about the park: a description and photos of Zaryadye infrastructure, a full map with a route to the desired object, a park event poster with a detailed schedule, interactive features using the camera (photographing, live video broadcasting, etc.) d.)

Do you speak english?

The device interface supports any number of languages. By the time the terminals were launched, Russian and English were available. Versatility and ease of integration with various services provides the software platform Microsoft Windows 10 IoT. In the near future, the integration of terminals with the website and Zaryadye mobile applications.


The Directorix™, system manages all terminal content, own development of the company Initium. Kiosks operate in hybrid mode, which does not require constant communication with the park’s internal network and / or the Internet. The change of the interactive map, text, video and photo content is imperceptible to the user. The administration of Zaryadye has full access to statistics on the use of each terminal to monitor the interest of visitors to a particular object or service provided.

Spring update

The last stage of work on the project was completed in the spring of 2018, six months after the first launch of the terminals. Chinese was added, information about the park, the ticket module was updated. Interfaces for visually impaired and wheelchair users have been developed. There was a function to create a video and photoshoot. The visitor can take a photo or video from the front camera of the terminal, add various elements in the editing mode and send them by e-mail.

New opportunities

Thanks to integration with the official portal of Moscow Yandex.Maps, an interactive geo-poster appeared on the terminals. Visitors online see the events of Moscow, which are displayed on the map in the form of pins. Information about each can be viewed by touching the pin. The filters of the time, place, event fee and others are supported. The “Self-walk” section has appeared, integrated with the park’s official mobile application. The visitor can choose the route of a walk around Moscow, examine the information about the objects awaiting him. Routes are filtered by distance and duration. All information is contained in a mobile application, access to it is opened only through a QR code on the terminal.


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