Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

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Integrated interactive platform of the shopping center "RIGAMOLL"

Omni-channel digital system for effective interaction with visitors: interactive navigators, adaptive website and mobile applications


"RIGAMOLL" - the premium shopping center, where modern technology in harmony with the natural elements. Shopping center on Novorizhskoe highway receives large flows of visitors. This Muscovites and residents of nearby suburban towns. This audience understands what it looks like a modern shopping, and used to actively engage with innovative technologies.
For a modern shopping center, the navigation and customer information system has already become the default standard. However, RIGAMALL required a new level of solution, comprehensive and high-quality. The Directorix™ centralized digital content management system was introduced by Initium in 2017. With this project, the company has marked its entry into the related areas of interactive solutions market.

  • Москва
  •  2017

Judged by clothes

Green walls from real flowers, tropical waterfalls, dynamic media facades - this is the style of "RIGAMOLL". Given the appearance of the shopping center, "Initium" specially designed custom design navigation terminals. A graceful curved case is made of artificial stone, and a spectacular highlight complements the premium appearance. The equipment is organically combined with the decor and interior of the shopping center.

Appearance attracts the attention of visitors, and then comes in rich functionality of the terminal itself: it informs visitors about promotions and events, helps to find the store or brand, as well as navigate to the desired object on the map.


The second component of the system is the shopping center website. The company can proudly declare that at the moment the website of the RIGAMOLL shopping center is one of the best in this area in terms of performance and adaptability of content.

Intuitive site architecture splits the information into thematic blocks that are easy to navigate. Driving directions, objects tenants, news and promotions on the homepage immediately give an idea to the visitor what he found on the website. Cross-links to shopping center pages on social networks, such as VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram, redirect the user to a convenient form of communication and subscription to shopping center news.

Mobile platforms

The company also developed for the convenience of guests mobile applications of the shopping center on iOS and Android. Compact and fast, they contain the same information base as the website, at the same time include part of the functions of the interactive terminal: navigation around the shopping center, route building.

The applications and website are made in one, modern and stylish design, which is in harmony with the image of the RIGAMOLL shopping center. Common colors, fonts and internal architecture simplify orientation and create the feeling of a single digital space.

Omnichannel in action

Website shopping center, mobile applications and navigation terminals are combined into a single digital-system. Thanks to the introduction of a centralized system, any change in marketing content, whether it is a change of tenant location or a new special offer, is instantly updated through all communication channels.

The adaptability of the system is manifested in the fact that any uploaded content automatically condones system under the vehicle: the screen of the terminal, a smartphone, a laptop monitor. The flexibility of the software provides uninterrupted and coordinated operation of the system as a whole. Visitors to the shopping center get access to the most relevant information in real time in all digital channels of interaction with the audience of the shopping center. In turn, the administration of the center is spared the triple work of replacing and adapting content, correcting errors and inconsistencies.

Always fresh statistics

Directorix™ system works both ways: it informs visitors and collects statistics about audience requests, determines target groups and demand trends, which frees both visitors and administration from conducting surveys

Following the statistics, the management company of the shopping center timely corrects the operation of RIGAMOLL. There is an opportunity to update the marketing strategy in real time: to adjust the campaigns to promote sales of the tenants; monitor the dynamics of the available indicators, such as the popularity of tenants clicks on banner ads and promotional offers.

Recipe for uniqueness

  • Exclusive design of the "RIGAMALL" terminal, decorated with artificial stone
  • Combining all communication channels with visitors in one centralized system
  • Display banners and videos in standby mode, advertising targeting
  • Contextual Special Offers
  • Search by categories of goods and services, as well as by substring
  • Multifunctional interactive map
  • Online-viewing statistics using the system, upload data to XLS

Opportunities and development

  • Possibility to integrate a separate parking module
  • Adding a new section to the system in connection with the upcoming opening of the furniture zone


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