Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
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Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

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Interactive navigation and digital signage of SEC Oceania

Implementation and maintenance of the digital content management system in the Oceania shopping center by order of TPS real Estate»


Oceania shopping center is the newest commercial property in the West of Moscow. Masters of digital business from Initium commissioned by the management company "TPS real estate" and the General contractor Computel implemented a digital content management system Directorix™.

The shopping center on Kutuzovsky Prospekt has an advanced design: a spectacular design in the marine style, a huge aquarium with a panoramic Elevator inside it, interactive fountains, etc. the Newest shopping center can not do without advanced digital navigation technologies and demonstration of information content.

  • Москва
  •  2016
  •  ТПС «Недвижимость»


The company Initium took care of the future inhabitants of this ocean of purchases and created for the administration of Oceania a single control center for all digital content. Touch terminals from Computel earned through interactive navigation based on Directorix™. To manage digital signage advertising screens, Initium has introduced its own industry-specific Directorix ™ Sign solution. Both subsystems of digital content were synchronized with each other and with the site of the SEC “Oceania”, forming a single ecosystem of digital content of the shopping center.

The entire project from the beginning of development to the launch of the system was implemented in 2 months. Visitors and administration are delighted with the implemented IT system. The company Initium continues to cooperate with TPS Real Estate, providing regular technical support, developing and updating the functionality of the system.

Digital Content Sync

  • 24 interactive terminals
  • 10 advertising screens
  • 1 official website of the shopping center Oceania


  • 1 300 000 monthly ad impressions
  • 180 000+ monthly contacts of shopping center visitors with the system
  • 14% Mall visitors regularly use interactive navigation
  • 3 minutes - minimum system content update time
  • 2,5 tenant cards were viewed on average by one visitor per interaction session with the system
  • 1,5 minutes - the average time of an interaction session with interactive navigation


The functionality of a single digital content management and demonstration system is almost as extensive as the diversity of fish and animals in the Pacific.

  • Unified content management system: website, interactive terminals, digital signage advertising screens
  • Display banners and videos in standby mode
  • Detailed statistics on the use of the system for administration
  • Contextual Special Offers
  • Search by categories of goods and services
  • Search for tenants by substring
  • Multifunctional interactive map
  • Calendar of events of SEC “Oceania”
  • Traffic and Weather widgets


But did you know that originally in the Oceania shopping center the interactive navigation of foreign developers was planned? Those who showed incompetence in the project for the AVIAPARK shopping center.

In the practice of Initium, projects often arise whose main task is to correct the mistakes of others and replace inefficient IT solutions. Fortunately for visitors and the administration of the Oceania shopping center, this situation did not arise. The management of the shopping center timely got to the bottom of the issue and realized the importance of interactive navigation in the overall IT ecosystem of the object. “TPS Real Estate” appealed to professionals from Initsium, and you see the final result in front of you - thousands of satisfied visitors every day.

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