Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

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Omnichannel interactive guide GIM

Interactive terminal, mobile app and website on a single Directorixomnichannel platform


In the heart of the country, on the world — famous red Square, the State Historical Museum (GIM) is located-the largest national historical Museum in Russia. When it comes to it, getting lost in time and space is not just an expression, it's a reality.

An interactive information system that will reflect not only the location of the halls, but also will confidently guide the visitor throughout the history of the country — this is the task we set for ourselves.

As a result of a lot of creative work, we created an interactive terminal, developed a mobile app, and created a new website on a common platform Directorix™ Omni. This comprehensive solution can become an ideal guide for every visitor and a convenient tool for the Museum administration.

  • Москва
  •  2018
  •  Государственный исторический музей


The administration, creative and scientific staff of the Museum can now manage the content of the information system from a single management system, while simultaneously updating and correcting any information in the interactive Navigator, mobile application and website dedicated to the permanent exhibition.

The single-channel Directory content management system allows you to not only quickly and easily correct texts, upload images, and update the interactive GIM plan, but also to do it taking into account the characteristics of each of the information carriers.

Popularizing historical information has never been so easy!


An interactive terminal, mobile app, and website greet the guest with an interface designed in GIMA's signature scarlet-and-white style. The key element of the interface is a guide that clearly divides the entire exhibition by time periods.

All the Museum halls and selected exhibits are described and illustrated in detail. Separate sections are devoted to collections of numismatic, commemorative and others, and the temporary exhibitions. Of course, it is also possible to find infrastructure objects: cafes, wardrobes, toilets.

You can build a route to each exhibit, hall, and infrastructure object on an interactive map using an interactive Navigator or mobile app. Separately, you can view the exhibition schedule, buy a ticket for them or the main exhibition. Finally, any visitor can find out the history of the Museum and leave a review about the visit.


In the Polovtsian courtyard of the GIMA, guests are greeted by Lenin's Rolls-Royce, and in the lobby on red square — an interactive terminal of the Specium model. For its exceptional performance, our design engineers have nicknamed it "Super special". \

For the first time in Russia, the display and user interface of the interactive Navigator are made with 4K resolution, which gives an amazing readability of fonts and the highest image clarity. Fast operation of the system is provided by the processor of the Intel Core i7 family of the 8th generation.

It is noteworthy that the terminal uses special wheels for quick and convenient movement of the interactive Navigator if necessary.


The system elements are made in accordance with the "Available environment"program.

The touch Navigator interface changes at the touch of a button — interactive elements move down for maximum accessibility. The mobile app is designed in accordance with the special modes of the iOS and Android operating systems.

The system supports adding up to 10 languages, which makes the Museum even more accessible for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The system has a development perspective. The interactive terminal contains a Kinect sensor for capturing movements, and it is possible to add an audio guide to the mobile app with reference to the beacons of exhibits.


The successful implementation of the project was made possible thanks to the well-coordinated joint work of Initium specialists, mobile app developers, our partner, evApps, and the friendly scientific and methodological team of the GYMNASIUM.

We thank you for your invaluable help in working on the project:
  • Levykina A. K., Director of the Historical Museum,
  • T. V. zateikina, head of the Department of exposition multimedia projects,
  • E. A. cranberry, Deputy Director for scientific and educational work,
  • Yanovsky, A. D., Deputy Director for scientific work,
  • Silaev M. N., senior researcher of the scientific and exposition Department.
And other employees who contributed to the project: Korotova G. G., Lamkova N. M., Igumnov T. G., Lemigova M. A., Feklisova S. A., Bezotosnogo V. M., Sokolova O. V., Igoshina K. G., Kashin E. A., Shonina M. S.

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