Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
by Moscow, Russia

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My light, mirror

COLIN'S Fashion Mirror is a unique project in fashion retail. Until now, installations of such equipment have been chaotic or promotional. The real interactive mirror of COLIN'S is not only innovative marketing, but also a powerful retail tool that can attract an additional consumer audience and increase the average check of a fashion store.

Now every visitor to the COLIN'S store can try on any number of fashionable novelties, and the interactive mirror will remember all the fittings so that it is easier for the buyer to make a choice. To take a photo from the right angle, the buyer does not even need to approach the interactive mirror, a special technology allows you to take photos with a simple wave of your hand, as if greeting a best friend.

  • Москва
  •  2012
  •  COLIN'S

Reflection games

Try it on! Take a picture! Try again! Make your stylish choice! This is the motto of this interactive fitting from COLIN'S.

Using an interactive mirror in the COLIN'S store, everyone can share their stylish photo shoot with friends by posting their photos on Facebook and VKontakte social networks.

However, COLIN'S interactive mirror can not only surprise and serve the customer. Interactive mirror is a powerful commercial sales tool that can increase the average check of almost any fashion store.

For example, showing an interactive mirror a tag of a selected jeans model, the buyer can instantly receive the recommendation of a COLIN'S stylist, adding to his wardrobe specially selected fashionable novelties of clothing and accessories.

Mirror device

The interactive mirror COLIN'S was created on the basis of the TweetLook ™ software package - an innovative development of the Russian company Initsium, which has no direct analogues in the world.

TweetLook ™ responds to the buyer using the built-in gesture tracker, takes pictures with the FullHD video camera, shows the buyer’s photo shoot on a huge 55-inch display, communicates with the buyer using the touch screen and even publishes the photos taken on social networks.

The first COLIN'S Fashion Mirror interactive mirror was installed at the COLIN'S store in Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center. Welcome to the interactive looking glass!

Project Video