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Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
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Our working time is Mo-Fr, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.
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Interactive navigation of the shopping center “Aviapark”

Replacement project interactive navigation system for the shopping center "fleet" was for the company Initsium one of the most memorable


Shopping center "AVIAPARK" - the largest commercial property in Europe. Considering all the unique properties of the complex, the company Initium introduced the latest version of the interactive navigation system Directorix™. The system is designed for daily use in a dense stream of visitors.

The Directorix™ platform is highly reliable. One of the most important properties of the system - support for semi-autonomous mode. In this case, an Internet connection is needed only at the time of updating, and not constantly as in foreign counterparts. The system provides for a “hot” replacement of content, invisible to visitors to the mall. Information on the request is synchronized on all terminals or specific devices.

  • Москва
  •  2015


Shopping center "Aviapark" - a multi-level facility with a complex layout. At the end of 2016, there are over 500 tenants in it. Of course, without a developed navigation system, navigating in such a large-scale shopping center is not easy.

Initially, AVIAPARK was equipped with a foreign interactive navigation system installed on 26 interactive terminals. It was recognized as an ineffective management company and had a number of significant drawbacks: the time for updating information reached several weeks, visitors complained about inconvenient navigation and the lack of opportunities to find tenants, etc.

The administration of "AVIAPARK" constantly recorded the accumulating negative experience. As a result, in mid-2015, JSC Aviapark TVK turned to the Initsium to quickly replace the foreign interactive navigation with an adapted digital solution for shopping centers based on Directorix™ 3.0.


The main feature of the project - the introduction of interactive navigation based on foreign equipment, impose certain restrictions on soft stuffing system. Directorix™ platform helps adjust the system interface for all kinds of screens with any aspect ratio.

Using this feature, our team made one of the first horizontal interfaces on other people's equipment. Another “feature” of the system is the rotation of the map relative to the location of the person. This functionality allows you to quickly navigate in the mall and clearly understand in which direction the store is located from the visitor.


  • 2 000 000 monthly ad impressions
  • 160 000+ кcontact center visitors with navigation Directorix™ monthly
  • 12% Mall visitors regularly use interactive navigation
  • 5 minutes — minimum system content update time
  • 2-х a multiple increase in the number of tenants from 2015 to 2016 (from 250 to 514 tenants)
  • 2 cards of tenants are viewed by each visitor on average for one session of interaction with the system
  • 1,5 — average time a visitor interacts with an interactive kiosk


С введением интерактивной навигации Directorix™ , the administration of the shopping center received a convenient tool for interacting with visitors. Each action on touch terminals is reflected in statistics. Data for the IT and marketing departments of AVIAPARK are collected online and reflect a large number of parameters.

  • The popularity of categories of goods and services
  • Tenant popularity
  • The number of sessions with each terminal
  • Тhe search queries of visitors
  • The effectiveness of advertising content
  • Feedback with visitors


It is interesting to note in what conditions the administration of the AVIAPARK shopping center was and what experience the visitors of the shopping center received using alternative software from foreign developers.

  • Information update time - from several days to several weeks
  • Information Updating Accuracy - Frequent Repeat Fixes
  • The lack of statistics regarding use of the interactive navigation
  • Lack of technical monitoring tools
  • Serious UI Usability Issues


Functional interactive navigation Directorix™ version 3.0, which features current solution TC fleet from the previous system of foreign developers.

  • Advertising banners and videos on standby
  • Contextual Special Offers
  • Categories of goods and services
  • Search for tenants by substring
  • Detailed information about tenants
  • The full-featured interactive map
  • Map rotation relative to visitor
  • Convenient Content Update Tools
  • Detailed online statistics with data unloading to XLS
  • Traffic and Weather widgets
  • Feedback form for visitors

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